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I came to Santa Catarina, Brazil on January 8 and my return was March 31, I could not come back. They could help me, I would appreciate it to route to a humanitarian flight.

I am in Mexico for a few months and planned to return in these dates, but for reasons of the current situation canceled my flight, and in a few days I am overcome my stay in Mexico, I would like to know if I can ask for an extension or what should I do in this case? .

I was trapped in Barcelona and I have managed to survive so far, but the savings I had were over very fast by change. I am starting a project to sell brownies and do some money to continue feeding me. Thanks!

We are a couple trapped in Thailand who could not afford the humanitarian flight to return since it was too expensive. We appreciate any help that can provide for food and / or stay or a job that we can perform at a distance.

Hello, I am in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, I came here by business topics (I am part of the underwater optical fiber technical support team), and I want to return home, please I do a call for the consulate to do management. I need help to return home.

I’ve not seen my son 4 months I want to return to Colombia if they talk to me it can be for whatsapp because I have no other line. I would like to go back to my house, I graduated online, I am medica but I can not even exercise, I am very desperate and I have depression I can not stand anymore.

My partner and I came from ride to the city of Lima, Peru and we could not return to our country by the virus catastrophe, they have not responded anywhere on a humanitarian flight and we no longer have resources for lodging and food.

I live with my 3 month Lorenzo puppy, the situation in Brazil is critical. We are far from our family, without work, without economic resources and the worst at risk of getting sick, the situation is very uncertain. We need help, we ask the national government to help us return home.

I find myself stranded in Edgewood, WA without efficient consular help, and I want to know what government conditions are that allow the extension of the state of emergency and therefore of the air-border closures for Colombian citizens.

Good afternoon, I came to Europe on vacation, I am in Spain since March 14 and I wish to return to Colombia; I do not have more money to sustain me and I must return to Colombia to take care of my family and work.

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