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Here, that lack of study has made us insist on the sale of sarsaparilla, always dominating that of Honduras. Europe is where this precious plant is highly appreciated.

—As much as we become more expensive and shout in the sky praising our coffee, said a stranger who I later learned is a very intelligent Mexican in these matters, Orleans is where the traffic is done: here very little is known, it would produce millions to popularize it.

Coffee from Java, from Rio Janeiro, from Costa Rica, from Venezuela, from Port-au-Prince, and even from Santo Domingo, provide for this immense consumption; and you You will not believe it: in the trials of introduction of Mexican coffee in this market, the one that is best known is that of Oaxaca (Villalta), enjoying a greater concept in Mexico, Colima, Uruapam, Atlacomulco, Córdova, and other points totally unknown here.

Of more importance, relatively speaking, is the consumption of sugar: ours competes here effortlessly with that of Cuba; and although at the moment there are large stocks in New-York, it seems to me a highly prospective branch of commerce. Moscabada sugar is the one that must be sent, because it pays less duty and is appreciated more by refineries. The real market for our sugar is in Europe.

But in everything the hand of laziness is seen, and our abandonment becomes sensitive. The obnoxious packaging of our sugars: makes them detract greatly.

—In my judgment, I said very seriously, consuls should be characterized as commercial agents, making them useful, as France and Prussia have prevented, ordering them to supply statistical data, favoring merchants and reporting on everything conducive to trade.

The Annals of Commerce of France are largely made up of the Consuls’ Reports, and many, many times, I have appealed to them to learn something about my country regarding its foreign trade.

In those Reports we would know, for example, why, since the duties on tobacco are so high and that of Cayohueso is so lower than ours, the former has higher consumption.

Only the Tuxtlas have managed to make advantageous introductions, when they could make remissions, older Papantla, Misantla, Coyusquihuic, El Jovo and many other harvesting places where cultivation has been greatly improved.

Perhaps those Reports would instruct us, why California, South America, Floridas, Italy, Sicily and even Smirna, have a market for their fruits, and we only make very meager introductions.

You can see, the simple packaging makes fresh grapes from Malaga be eaten in New York, while our fruits most resistant to corruption, arrive impassable and to be thrown away.