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All three were outright in their refusal to have used the death penalty to scare Donté into cooperation. They denied verbally assaulting the suspect, bringing him to the brink of exhaustion and fainting. They denied that Donte had ever referred to a lawyer, and that he wanted to end the interrogation and go home. They denied having any record of his father’s presence at the police station, and of his desire to see his son. They denied that their own polygraph tests yielded clear evidence of its veracity; On the contrary, according to them, the results “were not conclusive.” They denied tampering with the alleged testimony of Torrey Pickett. The latter testified in favor of Donté, and denied having said anything to the police about an alleged relationship between Donté and Nicole.

The judge expressed serious doubts about the confession, but not so serious as to exclude it from the trial. She refused to annul it, and it was later shown to the jury. Donte looked at her as if he were seeing someone else. No one has ever seriously questioned that it was the basis for her conviction.

The confession was the subject of another attack as an appeal, but the Texas Criminal Court of Appeal unanimously upheld the conviction and the death penalty.

When he finished reading, Keith got up from the table and went to the bathroom. He had the impression that he was coming out of an interrogation. It was well after midnight. It would be impossible for him to sleep.

At 7 a.m. Tuesday morning, the Flak Law Firm was abuzz with the frenzied and nervous energy one would expect from a group of people fighting both against the clock and against very remote odds of saving a human life. The tension was palpable. Nobody was smiling, nor were the typical sarcastic comments of the teams that always work together, with total freedom to say what they want and when they want. Most were already part of the firm six years ago, when Lamar Billups had received the lethal injection in Huntsville, and had been shocked by the severity of his death; And that Billups was a bad beast, whose favorite pastime was to beat up in bars, possibly with pool sticks and broken bottles, until the state had enough of him. His last words on his deathbed had been: “See you in hell.”