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2009 Spain Seven Oscars took away the adventures of the famous British officer in the Arab desert. The secret of its success, in this piece of own production. TCM (VE) Wed18 21:50

50 Movies You Should See Before You Die: Ninotchka (Ninotchka) Cinema / Program 5 min. 2009 Spain Discovering how Greta Garbo passed to posterity as a Russian spy is just one of the keys that this self-produced piece will give you. TCM (VE) M03 20:05

50 Movies You Should See Before You Die: Without Forgiveness (Without Forgiveness) Cinema / Program 5 min. 2009 Spain Our piece explores how Sin Perdón was an instant classic that elevated the already respected Clint Eastwood to the category of full author. TCM (VE) S21 19:45

50 Movies You Should See Before You Die: Taxi Driver Cinema / Program 5 min. 2009 Spain Like the mirror before which Robert De Niro interprets his famous monologue, this self-produced piece reflects why this film is essential. TCM (VE) L23 20:05

50 Movies You Should See Before You Die: Modern Times Cinema / Program 5 min. 2009 Spain We analyze in this TCM own-produced piece the humor and timeless sharp criticism of Chaplin, from which we select Modern Times. TCM (VE) Wed25 20:30

500 Mph Storm (500 Mph Storm) Film / Science Fiction 90 min. 2013 USA D: Daniel Lusko I: Casper Van Dien and Bryan Head A science teacher must get his family to safety before hurricanes merge, creating a “hyper hurricane.” SYFY HD (VM) D01 18:05 S14 12:23 SYFY (VM) D01 18:05 S14 12:23

5º B right ladder (5º B right ladder) Short film / Comedy 18 min. 2012 Spain D .: María Adánez Three sisters and a mother meet in a bar after the death of their father. Talks about death that are interspersed with dreams of the characters. DCine Spanish (VE) We18 18:20

8 8 quotes (8 quotes) Film / Comedy 89 min. 2008 Spain D .: Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Peris Romano I .: Adriana Ozores, Jordi Vilches, Arturo Valls, Melanie Olivares, Javier Pereira, Belén Rueda, Fernando Tejero, José Luis García Pérez, Ana Wagener, Verónica Echegui, Raúl Arévalo, Cecilia Freire and María Ballesteros Through eight quotes from different people, we can go through all the moments that make up a couple relationship: the first date, the nerves, the second date, falling in love, introducing family and friends, changes, routine , the breakup and, sometimes, the reunion. Choral comedy that brings together an extensive cast of well-known faces on the small and big screen of our country, such as Fernando Tejero, Raúl Arévalo, Belén Rueda, Verónica Echegui, José Luis García Pérez, Cecilia Freire, Jordi Vilches, Ana Wagener, María Ballesteros, Arturo Valls, Adriana Ozores, Javier Pereira and Melanie Olivares, among others.