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A guardian angel comes to save you and show you where the mistakes have been. TCM (VM SUB) J05 08:25

What a dilemma! (The Dilemma) Film / Comedy 106 min. 2011 USA D: Ron Howard I: Winona Ryder, Jennifer Connelly, Vince Vaughn, Queen Latifah, Kevin James and Channing Tatum Ronny, a long-time bachelor, and happily married Nick, have been inseparable friends since college. They have founded their own company and are now fighting for a dream project that would give them a strong push. Supported by Beth, Ronny’s girlfriend, and Geneva, Nick’s wife, no one can beat them. At least that’s what Ronny believed, until she surprises Geneva in the arms of another man and the image of her friend’s perfect marriage shatters. Ronny decides that she must find out what is going on before breaking the bad news to her best friend, so she embarks on a highly unprofessional investigation that threatens to wreak havoc in her personal life. TNT HD (VM SUB) M24 15:45 S28 22:05 TNT (VM SUB) M24 15:45 S28 22:05

What is cinema? (What is cinema?) Documentaries / Cinema 80 min. 2013 USA A film that collects the cinematographic ideas of some of the best directors of all time such as Robert Bresson, Alfred Hitchcock or Akira Kurosawa, and of other illustrious contemporary filmmakers, authors of such prestige as Mike Leigh, David Lynch, Robert Altman, Costa-Gavras or Michael Moore. They all speak of cinema as art and spectacle, of its past and, above all, of its future. TCM (VO) D15 06:45

What Happened to Baby Jane? (What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?) Film / Drama 128 min. 1962 USA D: Robert Aldrich I: Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and Victor Buono Two now mature Hollywood child stars, sisters Jane and Blanche Hudson, have had different artistic careers. While the first grew up being forgotten by the public, the second managed to carve out a successful career. After a mysterious car accident, Blanche is confined to a wheelchair in the care of her sister Jane. The two actresses are now living the end of their lives in retirement, one delighting in tormenting the other, an invalid. Melodrama of considerable plot cruelty that led to a considerable wave of imitations, from then on pigeonholed its two protagonists Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, in similar court roles. TCM (VM SUB) L02 04:50

What do we do with Maisie? (What Maisie Knew) Film / Drama 95 min.