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An argument that could give Aeromur time to forge a pact with the Murcian Administration that will allow Corvera to be released and make its operations viable.

Since 2008 the rate of business destruction is unstoppable. More companies die than are born. In good times, one in two companies had disappeared before their fifth birthday. Now in the midst of the crisis, that ratio is lower, points out Iñaki Peña, a professor at Deusto Bussines School.

Despite being considered a small city, Zamora, with about 65,300 inhabitants, has the privilege of having two business incubators. One of them is promoted by the provincial council and the other by the Chamber of Commerce.

Manuel Fernández de Sousa is not going to make his exit from the Pescanova presidency easy, despite the fact that the judge removed him from the company after the bankruptcy began.

The successor of Burmese Than Shwe, one of the five worst dictators in the world, this week welcomed multinational giants such as Exxon, Coca-Cola or Unilever that could end up investing 100,000 million. Read

Financial, health and tourism are the three European sectors with the best performance in the year, with revaluations in the Stock Market that range between 13% and 11%. An uncertain macroeconomic environment and high volatility in the markets has become the perfect setting for investors to bet on more stable stocks whose evolution was not linked to the unfolding of events.

Approximately a quarter of workers in Germany receive wages considered minimum, reports in its latest edition the weekly “Der Spiegel”, which places the leading economy in the EU in the strip of countries with low incomes. Read

Approximately a quarter of workers in Germany receive salaries considered minimum, reports the weekly Der Spiegel in its latest edition, which places the EU’s leading economy in the strip of countries with low incomes.

Film producer Elías Querejeta died today at the age of 78 in Madrid, sources from the Federation of Associations of Spanish Audiovisual Producers (FAPAE) have informed Efe. Read

The Prince of Saudi Arabia, Alwaleed Bin Talal, sued ‘Forbes’ this week for undervaluing his fortune by $ 20 billion. Placing his A-380 plane in gold or owning 300 vehicles are some of his most extravagant quirks. Read

Workers of public or agricultural works, entertainment monitors, waiters, kitchen assistants, non-specialized nurses or drivers of taxis and vans are some of the occupations that have had a positive year-on-year variation until April.