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In the section for girls, the same method is observed as in the men’s school.

The establishment of Mr. Vait is one of the first in the world, and this gentleman one of the men endowed with the most precious qualities for his high priesthood.

When I returned to the hotel, I found Iglesias’ room with unusual attendance, since he spends his time from every isolated point and constantly reading day and night.

The Iglesias department consists of two rooms; one of them lives his son José María, the other is that of Iglesias; books everywhere, his bed, sink and closet, a pe

that little sofa full of newspapers. In the center of the piece a small table with a chess game.

Jorge Hameken, Rocha, Gomez del Palacio and the gentlemen of the house were in the room at the time of my arrival. The good humor ran fresh, people talked about the American humbug. One compared him to the French canard; the others to the Havana ball; who to the disappointment and the Mexican sheep; but although opinions differ, it was unanimously agreed to grant primacy to the American humbug.

The humbug in an educated, calculating, active society, in which the omnipotent weight dominates, has to be infinitely flexible, clothe all forms, conform to all tastes, start resolutely, proceed by surprise, reach recklessness, appearing easy simple, and this gives it a physiognomic character in this society.

In politics, the humbug puts on a white glove, starches his cuffs, combs his hair with dust, and drives the French and Japanese, Austrians and Spaniards crazy, who condescend to these Yankee eccentricities.

—In politics, J. J. Baz, who has sagaciously studied humbug, told me, humbug manifests itself in all its greatness in the presidential election.

Francisco, with the simple clarity that constitutes one of the gifts of his great talent, told me:

—Marcy, Minister of War to one of the most notable presidents, formulated the electoral game with these remarkable words: The spoils belong to the victors. Translated into palatial language, it means this: “The jobs correspond to those who work in the election.”

They create the constitutional article that empowers the President to remove and freely appoint the employees of the administration dependent on the Executive.

The Americans call this turn of the palace fortune, rotation, in whose movement many are bruised and chipped, and many at the height of wealth and honor.